Würth International Shanghai Laboratory

The goal of our quality assurance de-partment & lab is to assess the quali-ty of the products, ensure they fit the customer and market requirement, and to confirm that the products are compliant with local regulation.

Our quality team consists of 10 quality engineers which have an ave-rage of 15 years of experience within the Würth Group. The collective experience of our quality engineers allows Würth International Shanghai to be experts on a wide range of high quality products and categories.

Using a 2 million Euro investment, the quality assurance lab of Würth International Shanghai was established in 1997. The original function was the testing of fasteners, but as time went on testing capabilities increased for work protection with tests such as abrasion level as well as cut, tear, and puncture resistance. We also perform chemical tests - Determination of chromium(VI) on leather gloves. For work lighting, we can test the life cycle of the products as well as how many lumens the bulb/LED is producing. For material treatment, we can perform life cycle testing for cutting and grinding discs as well as many other test in other fields. Our main strategy is to do in house testing of key characteristics to avoid the time consuming and expensive process of 3rd party testing.

The management of the quality as-surance department & lab is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Additionally, our lab is a participant in the Round Robin test (ref. to ISO 17025) led by AWKG every year.

The mission of the quality assu-rance department slightly changed in the year 2019. The tasks of SQEs (Supplier Quality Engineer) have increased from simple pre-shipment inspections to audits and supplier de-velopment. SQE activities now include supplier audits and development. The focus has shifted to the assessment of production quality and ca-pability of our suppliers. The Würth academy is a strong supporter and offers SQE training which helps us improve our personal ability. The training also allows us to be competent in quality activities and maintain the quality standards of the Würth Group.

We live up to the “Würth is Quality - Everywhere and every time“ statement. We take the initiative to provide All-round quality support to the Würth Group and its customers.